Friday, May 14, 2010

review: Caddywhompus -- Remainder

Community Records, 2010

(download the record free here...)

mp3: Caddywhompus - "Let The Water Hit The Floor"

This album was dangerously close to being in that zone--the zone of "I listened to long to this album, haven't I reviewed it already?" But the flip side of an album being in that zone is that I've lived it, inhabited it, taken it in and made it my own.

New Orleans' Caddywhompus has carved that place into my life with their latest, Remainder. This is a clash of garage and electro, like if The Black Lips covered Dan Deacon songs. It's amazing. And it's amazing that Community Records is giving this thing away for free. Yes, free.

"Guilt" is my favorite song--their ups and downs, and this amazing groove beat in the middle of it while the cymbals clash all around. This might be math rock for all I know, because Caddywhompus' equations run all over the place. Following it is very difficult, where they go next I'm not sure, but it's all kept together, somehow in some way, and it's this mystery that I've lived, inhabited, taken in and made my own.

Other standouts--"Congo Half-Mask" and "Let The Water Hit The Floor."

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