Monday, May 17, 2010

The Totally RT-able Day-and-a-half of Radfest recap

Radfest was this past weekend in Wilmington, NC. I saw some bands.

Not every band I saw is mentioned below, and unfortunately I had to leave early Saturday before most of the headliners.

Instead of trying to describe every show, here's the Totally RT-able day-and-a-half of Radfest recap.

Every entry in 140 characters or less. Oh yeah, follow me on Twitter: @deckfight.


Greenland is Melting: Punx do bluegrass right. If they changed their name to "Fickle Meek" they would blow up Americana.

Blacklist Royals: Never knew you, but I wanted to. Had to walk my dog. Will keep Night Owl apparel in mind though.

PJ Bond

PJ Bond: "I think it's okay to call off work on a sunny day." Me too.

The Measure (SA)
: Packed venue & not a bad set to boot.

White Tiger and The Bed of Roses: More long hair in the crowd than anywhere else.

One Win Choice

One Win Choice: Energetic is an understatement.

Captain We're Sinking: Punchy and wall-to-wall nonstop. Most impressive performance from a band I didn't know.

Red City Radio: A standout. Sucker for gang vox. Best (and only?) rendition of "You've lost that loving feeling" at Radfest.

Spanish Gamble: Good to see the wolfpack reunited.

Fin Fang Foom: NC faves. Sometimes punk doesn't sound like punk.


Red Collar

Red Collar: The light in the tunnel speech, pumped fists, and sing-a-longs by Mike. They give everything, every time. Best 4pm show ever.

Lemuria: I'm now a fan, but little bit of a letdown after Red Collar madness.

O Pioneers!!!

O Pioneers!!!: Thought they were the same as Junior Battles. They're not. They're better. Oh, yeah "shirts off, dudes on!" & on & on & on.

Cheap Girls

Cheap Girls: The band all the other bands came to see. Crowd built from a few into a mass, complete with Chason crowd surf.

RVIVR: Actually punk in music and lyrics. Thought this no longer existed.

(>>>And that's it...I had to leave early<<<)

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