Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lit Randomness: Stories at Necessary Fiction, Gigantic, Lifted Brow, Dogzplot Flash, Fictionaut

An Insurrection by Robert Swartwood:
Necessary Fiction.

Dodge Rams & lip rings & bumper stickers.

Gigantic America One Sentence Prose Preview: At Gigantic.
Meant to submit to this & forgot, but this issue looks cool.

Twelve Poems by Tao Lin: At Lifted Brow.
Read what has caused a stir at HTML Giant (100 plus comments!)

The Music With You By Eric Bennett: At Dogzplot Flash.

Wall and Key by P. Jonas Bekker: At Fictionaut.
Just went to Fictionaut, looking for something random & this story came up. I appreciate sledgehammers.

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