Thursday, March 4, 2010

review: Communipaw - Communipaw


Self-released, 2010

Review by Josh Rank

Communipaw: "Take Over"
Communipaw: "2:23"
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As soon as the album started, I breathed a sigh of relief. It’s much easier, and more enjoyable, to review an album that doesn’t suck. Countless listens and paying close attention can get pretty annoying when you don’t like what you’re hearing. Luckily, Communipaw’s self-titled release is one such case that makes the process enjoyable.

“The Morning Hours,” the album’s opening track introduces us to the melancholy mood that permeates throughout the album. The guitar lines, rhythm section, and vocals, are all presented in a laid back manner that eventually crescendos towards the end which leads into the upbeat second track, “Take Over.”

The album flows like this all the way until the end. Each track compliments the next which makes it feel like a full album as opposed to a collection of songs. Many spices color the songs and fill them out beyond a simple guitar, bass, drums, and vocals set-up. Various effect-laden guitars pop in and out in songs like “I Admit” to add an atmospheric element to it that makes it feel thicker. Turn it up loud and it feels like the song is hugging you.

The songs range from the heavily-acoustic “I Don’t Want To Die,” which has a bit of a Radiohead-vibe to it, to the danceable “Black Tambourine,” which seems to draw an influence from surf-rock. It’s this variety in tempo and beat that make the album easy to listen to in one sitting. The melancholy mood pervades throughout, but the presentation changes enough to keep your interest fresh.

Although the songs are well-written and enjoyable to listen to, they aren’t the most original. This is the only gripe I have with the album. There’s nothing ground-breaking or brand new here. However, this doesn’t really matter. The songs are written and performed well enough that it’s easy to look past this one flaw.

I feel like this album would be great to listen to on a sunny, summer day with the windows rolled down and your arm hanging in the wind. Overall, I’d put this album in the “Get it with the extra money from your tax return,” category. It’s not essential enough to buy right away and be late for paying the electric bill, but it is an album that would be nice to have around.

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