Tuesday, March 9, 2010

LIt Randomness: About that literature stuff....

Lit Stuff=Impose Magazine.

The blog is called Codex. Lit Randomness, the occasional book review and Q&A's will carry over.

Here's the first post on
some Sam Lipsyte interviews. Later this week, a quick Q&A with Lipsyte.

I've always appreciated the many authors who took a few minutes out for Deckfight, and now this connection with Impose will give authors a bigger platform.

It's a plus when more websites and magazines adopt book sections rather than cut them or ignore books altogether. So, read Impose if you don't already.

What does this mean for Deckfight?

-More indie rock and more Southeast indie rock.
Some lit stuff will still appear here, such as
The Year of Reading Faulkner and maybe some older books that I missed the first time.

Still contact me for your lit or indie rock needs: deckfight [at] gmail.com.


  1. shifting and merging and crossing over and change. change can be a good thing. big ups, deckfight. nice nice.

  2. thanx mel. btw--feel free to read any exciting blog posts and record them for me in your car. preferably the back seat, or maybe the trunk, or if you have one of those cars that extends from the backseat to the trunk, that'd be awesome.


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