Thursday, March 11, 2010

Harvest of Hope Festival Picks!!! Mar. 12-14th

The annual Harvest of Hope festival is a benefit for migrant farm workers this Friday, Saturday and Sunday in St. Augustine, FL.

In only its second year, the Harvest of Hope festival has pulled together quite an impressive line-up; they're not messing around with this thing.

Dr. Dog, Small Brown Bike, Rogue Wave, Dear Landlord, Anti-Flag, Dead Confederate, Matt Pond PA are just some of the 100 or so bands playing out.

A combination of punk and indie rock, it brings together a couple of scenes that sometimes don't cross paths.

Tickets are $60 for a full weekend pass or $35 per day.

There are five stages (!!!) and here are a few picks after the jump:

Friday, March 12th

Stage 1:
4:40PM - 5:10PM Cymbals Eat Guitars
8:45PM - 9:30PM Rogue Wave
10:00PM - 11:00PM Dr. Dog

Stage 2:
4:10PM - 4:40PM Freelance Whales
5:05PM - 5:35PM Past Lives (still need to review this...)
6:00PM - 6:40PM Japanther

Stage 3:
6:30PM - 6:50PM We Are The Union
7:10PM - 7:30PM New Bruises
7:50PM - 8:10PM Anchor Arms
8:30PM - 8:50PM The Blacklist Royals
9:10PM - 9:30PM How Dare You
9:50PM - 10:15PM Dear Landlord

Saturday, March 13:

Stage 1:
12:15PM - 12:45PM A Wilhelm Scream
2:30PM - 3:15PM Strike Anywhere
3:45PM - 4:30PM Anti-Flag
5:00PM - 5:45PM 7 Seconds

Stage 2:
12:45PM - 1:30PM Fin Fang Foom
2:00PM - 2:45PM Signals
3:15PM - 4:00PM The Mercury Program

Stage 3:
4:50PM - 5:10PM Austin Lucas
5:30PM - 5:50PM Algernon Cadwallader
6:10PM - 6:30PM Look Mexico

Stage 4:
3:10PM - 3:30PM The Measure [SA]
4:30PM - 4:50PM Lemuria
5:50PM - 6:10PM Cheap Girls

Sunday, March 14

Stage 1:
11:10AM - 11:40AM Gringo Star
12:05PM - 12:45PM Danielson
1:15PM - 1:55PM Fruit Bats
2:25PM - 3:10PM Sea Wolf
3:40PM - 4:25PM Matt Pond PA

Stage 2:
12:35PM - 1:15PM Stars of Track & Field
1:45PM - 2:25PM Dead Confederate
2:55PM - 3:40PM Broadway Calls
4:10PM - 4:55PM Off With Their Heads
5:25PM - 6:10PM The Loved Ones
6:40PM - 7:25PM Crime in Stereo
7:55PM - 8:45PM Small Brown Bike

Stage 3:
4:10PM - 4:30PM Spanish Gamble
4:50PM - 5:10PM O Pioneers!
6:10PM - 6:30PM The Wonder Years
6:50PM - 7:10PM The Menzingers

Stage 4:
5:10PM - 5:30PM Bomb The Music Industry!
5:50PM - 6:10PM Andrew Jackson Jihad
7:55PM - 8:20PM Defiance, Ohio

Stage 5:
3:45PM - 4:05PM Greenland is Melting

Full Schedule is here.

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