Monday, January 4, 2010

Lit Randomness Returns!

We're back on the other side of the decade. Here are a few interesting lit matters from the past few wks:

The Unlimited Story Deck gives you characters, you make the story. Play with friends and colleagues or use it as a last-minute solution to the class you forgot to prep for! Takes structuralism to a new level: At Jacket Copy.

Cornelius Vanderbilt (whom my alma mater is named for) knew how to fight: At NPR.

McNulty loves Chekhov & doesn't sound like he's from Baltimore at all: At Faster Times. Oh yeah, I got The Wire box set for Christmas.

"I Am a Writer" checklist: At HTML Giant.

Book ads: At Maud Newton

And...Lit Randomness will just appear on Mondays now in a rockin' expanded edition.

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