Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Deckfight's 2009 Recap

Bye, bye 2009, don't think it was too much of a disaster. But if you want to rubberneck some more we won't be back until 2010. In the meantime, here's some essential Deckfight reading from the past year:

Favorite Deckfight stories of 2009:

1) Mike Fretto of Rosa Loves & Leo McGovern of Antigravity Mag.
2) Corndogorama
3) Michael Jackson is a Thriller
4) John Wray
5) I Was Totally Destroying It
6) 5 Favorite Southern Novels
7) 5 Most Important Brand New Songs
8) Red Collar
9) 5 Favorite Indie Rock Songs for College Football
10) Duncan's 5 Favorite Albums from Merge Records

Favorite Deckfight Book Reviews

1) The Great Perhaps by Joe Meno
2) Zeitoun by Dave Eggers
3) Shake The Devil Off by Ethan Brown
4) Sunlight at Midnight, Darkness at Noon by Hosho McCreesh and Chris Cunningham
5) Arkansas by John Brandon

Favorite Deckfight Album Reviews

1) DD/MM/YYYY: Black Square
2) Jeff The Brotherhood: Heavy Days
3) Brand New: Daisy
4) Nathan Oliver: Cloud Animals
5) Midtown Dickens: Lanterns

And in case you forgot---

Favorite Albums of the Decade
Favorite Books of the Decade
Favorite Albums of 2009
Favorite Books Read in 2009

Technically, 2009 was not Deckfight's first year but it definitely was its most active. It's been on a regular basis since April of this year and we came over to this site in June. 2010 looks to be wonderful. I'm going to be changing some of the posting schedule and I've had some recent talks about a site redesign. Let's make this thing look sharp.

It's been an awesome learning experience with more ups than downs. A lot of stuff I didn't get to, and probably won't get to, as that is the blogging dilemma. But it's been great connecting with a lot of different people. And those people I'd like to thank:

Thanks to all the blogs in the Albums of The Decade Tour. Thanks to those 10 guys who had never heard really heard of Deckfight before and decided screw it, let's do it.

Thanks to all the random sites and blogs that have linked to us in the past year, but especially to Vol. 1 Brooklyn and The Lawn Chair Boys for being super supportive for no apparent reason.

Thanks to Dave at Largehearted Boy for randomly linking to my stuff and answering random emails from me even though he's an indie-blog superstar.

Thanks to Josh R. & Andrew J. for writing and contributing and my wife for being so kind to me in this extra-writing endeavor.

Thanks to you for reading.

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