Monday, October 26, 2009

Lit Randomness: Bill Simmons, Kevin Canty, Sherman Alexie & more

Albums of the Decade Blog Tour enters week two! Today with Count Me Out.

Yeah, I'm a basketball fan and Bill Simmons just wrote a book about the quirky history of the NBA: At Huffington Post.

Interview with Kevin Canty. Got this from somewhere, props to whoever it was: At L Magazine.
When I first started writing, I also felt a need to bring more working-class (and drinking class) characters into my stories; I'd spent a lot of time out of the middle classes and felt like there were a lot of stories that weren't getting told. Lately, though after all this time in the University I feel like I've lost touch with those lives a little, and so more of my characters in this new collection have money, jobs, nice shoes.
Interview with Sherman Alexie: At NY Times.
Novellas, Novellas...Novellas: At Emerging Writers Network.

How will we remember Dan Brown in 100 years? At Wall Street Journal (h/t LHB)

Oh yeah, this thing on Tao Lin.

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