Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday 5: 5 Best Things Tao Lin has read recently

Albums of the Decade Blog Tour continues with Clicky Clicky.

There was Blake Butler last week and now Tao Lin. The heavy hitters don't stop around here. Lin is most recently the author of Shoplifting from American Apparel, out now from Melville House.

Tao blogs here, can be found in multiple corners of the 'net (old school!) and now has apparently started a band. Here's the five best thing he's read recently, as submitted earlier this month.

5. "Do not touch the high voltage paddle units which protrude from the underside of train" (part of a sign on the BART in San Francisco)

4. "Chinese Food and Donuts" (a restaurant in L.A.)

3. "Pancakes R Us" (a restaurant in L.A.)

2. "The Mystery Books are too depressed to do anything anymore. There was a tape called SLEEP FOREVER and then there was nothing for a long time. I think they will come back soon with something. I'm not sure but hopefully they will feel an urge to do something again." (the "about" section on The Mystery Books' Myspace page)

1. "More people kill themselves from country music than any other genre of music. Horrorcore is no worse than a Stephen king book. carles killings been going on where you been? I hate stupid f***s that try to bunch us all in one group. check out the local news that will make any man go crazy faster than a horrorcore cd. ." (a post on a message board on the website Juggalo News)

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