Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lit Randomness: DFW, Tim O'Brien, Jim Carroll, Hurricane Katrina, literary baseball

These are from the everyday stream of information flotsam. I need to be more careful to note the referents.

Dedication to David Foster Wallace and the source of his character's names: At n + plus one.

The Michael Pemulis of Placebo Records, when reached by phone, admitted he was also unfamiliar with Wallace's work and seemed unruffled to hear that his alias had been appropriated in a popular novel. The name was taken from someone else anyway, he said, adding, "It's interesting to me how events that seem like they're meaningless can turn into something else." I had to agree, as the chords of "Posthumous Gratitude," the first song on Priorities, poured out from the turntable behind me.

Stories from after the flood: At Guernica.

Tim O'Brien on why fiction sucks: At The Atlantic.

Literary baseball: At PaperCuts (via Vol 1. Brooklyn)

In the weirdest bit of timing, Paste magazine published this piece on Jim Carroll BEFORE he died, but in the same month of his death, which may mean its a more honest account: At Paste.

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