Tuesday, September 15, 2009

mp3s: Ume, The Good Graces, White Hinterland

Ume "The Conductor"

Saw Austin's Ume earlier this year in an opening slot for a re-formed Polvo show and this band grabbed everyone's attention with their low-key demeanor, but fast and nasty garage-punk led by Lauren Larson. Their EP, Sunshower is getting a vinyl release next week.

Good Graces: "Pretty New Song"

Kim Ware of Atlanta's The Good Graces. Their new album is called Bring On The Tambourines which is out from Ware's own label, Eskimo Kiss Records.

White Hinterland: "Chant de Grillon"

White Hinterland, led by Casey Dienel and with Shawn Creeden, will be hitting the road this fall with a few dates.

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