Monday, September 14, 2009

Lit Randomness: Artist Brian Wood, Late Age of Print, Scorch Atlas

Interv. w/ comics writer Brian Wood, of DMZ & Local and a whole bunch other things. I'm not really a comics person, but I really liked Local and now the first volume of DMZ is in the mail to me. Maybe I am a comics person:
At NYC Graphic Novelists.
“Honestly, there’s a maturity there with DMZ that I hadn’t quite managed with Channel Zero,” Wood says. “In a lot of ways I was doing the same book again, but this time with an objective viewpoint. A decade separated the two projects, and its not just that I had progressed as a writer and an artist, but my outlook had become nuanced. I was seeing things in shades of gray rather than pure black and white as when I was a student."

Good review by Richard Nash of Late Age of Print:
At The Critical Flame.

Books not only are part and parcel of consumer capitalism; they virtually began it, they are part of the fuel that drives it, and they are key for understanding ways in which consumer capitalism is changing and evolving, in some respects into a whole other beast. That is book culture.

Scorch Atlas
is lighting up the reviews, but here's an older interview that explains the magic:
At Eclectica.

Trying to get readers and writers to talk to one another:
At one of my new favorite blogs, Three Guys One Book.

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