Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Five: 5 Indie Rock Songs for College Football

It's September. College kids are strutting back on campus, the hefty guys are throwing some footballs on Saturday and some coolness is entering the air. And we're not talking about the weather. We're talking about the frat boys who now listen to Dirty Projectors (wait, are they cool? I don't know...).

To bridge the worlds of indie rock and college football, Deckfight has asked Bryan and Langston from The Lawn Chair Boys to illuminate us on what college football would look like with an indie rock touch. And if you're not familiar with The Lawn Chair Boys, they bring the best ironic punch to sports this side of Ron Artest. And while you're there, check out my guest post on the Chicago Bears and Vanderbilt from last week.

5 indie rock songs for college football:

1. Tailgating: "People Say" by Portugal. The Man
The line "We may make it through the war if we make through the night" is sung with only the hope one can find in parking lots, ladder golf, and a solo cup. This song perfectly captures the positivity of tailgating while declaring that such festivities are indeed preparation for battle.

2. Entrance Music:"I Start to Run" by White Denim

Virginia Tech enters to the intensity of "Enter Sandman," which would certainly drown out the silence of Texas Tech's Mike Leach's speeches. He believes a calm team is a better team. In White Denim's song "I Start to Run," one finds the stark contrast of both philosophies, as the stadium is ripped apart by the crowd chanting, "start to run," before kickoff ensues.

3. Halftime Show Song: "Harmonium" by Rogue Wave

Halftime shows are supposed to be epic productions. They need twirling flags and layers of emotion, and the sounds need to shift in one's ear like colors in a kaleidoscope. They also need to be long enough for one to go by the bathroom and the concession stand without feeling like they missed anything. Rogue Wave's "Harmonium" does all these things.

4. Fight Song: "Give 'Em All a Big Fat Lip" by The Whigs

A fight song needs a driving bass line, like a heart that promises to beat through bone and flesh and defeat. Plus, the lyrics suggest one's opponent will get a punch to the face. Too bad Oregon coaches didn't encourage LeGarrette Blount to take up the bass guitar.

5. Alma Mater: "Chug Along" by Trainwreck Riders

Win or lose, at the end of the day, everyone's got to get together, hug, sing, and maybe toast a few. You know, all that about sentimentality hanging in the autumn leaves and from the goal posts. A song has to capture that: "paradise and a bad dream."

Bonus: Obvious omissions
"Underdog" by Spoon and anything by American Football.


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