Friday, June 5, 2009

New vid: Hammer No More The Fingers "Fall Down, Play Dead"

Was looking for a reason to write about Hammer No More The Fingers (HNMTF) again, so here's a good one. The alt-grunge-power-rock trio from Durham, NC just let out on all of us unsuspecting souls a new video of "Fall Down, Play Dead." The song is from their new record, Looking for Bruce out on Church Key and recorded by J. Robbins. This is one of those songs that makes you yell: "Tight rhythm section! Tight rhythm section!" and "Oh, awesomeness is here!" Don't quite get the moving mobile device/concert poster conceit---but there's a nice teaser at the end that says "To Be Continued." One day, one glorious day, all these great mysteries of HNMTF will be explained!

This song reminds me of that one time I was watching HNMTF and the owner came in and shut them down for being too loud and Duncan wore the cheesiest neon-patterned shirt I had ever seen and I had thought I had died and gone to indie rock/basketball heaven because I could simultaneously watch the band and the Eastern Conference Finals on the biggest, nicest flat screen ever--and I was only like 5 feet from both of the action-filled events. Wait, that was last weekend.

Here are some more dates for the band--they play all the freakin' time so hear them or book a show for them.

Jun 5 2009 ASHEVILLE, North Carolina @ New French
Jun 6 2009 COLUMBIA, South Carolina @ The Whig
Jun 12 2009 WINSTON SALEM, North Carolina @Wherehouse
Jun 13 2009 PITTSBORO, North Carolina TRKfest @ Piedmont Biofuels
Jun 15 2009 HIGH POINT, North Carolina @ NCBF
Jun 19 2009 CHARLOTTE, North Carolina @ Tremont w/ Lights Fluorescent

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