Monday, June 8, 2009

Lit Randomness: JD Salinger lawsuit explained, Blood Meridian soundtrack, Tobias Bengelsdorf & Fiction at Work, the last of the media tycoons & more

When we say lit randomness, we mean randomness as we go high and low and all the brows in between with this one. Oh, and a review of Joe Meno's new one to pop up later.

Update: JD Salinger's crazy lawsuit explained:
At Slate.

Blood Meridian soundtrack by Lucero frontman, Ben Nichols:
At Popmatters.
I'll be honest: I haven't read Blood Meridian, so I'm not a good southern hipster, but this convergence seems really promising.

Interview w/ Tobias Amadon Bengelsdorf of Fiction at Work: At Orange Alert.
This is my Chicago story to make up for the fact that I thought I saw a Printers Row Lit Fest review somewhere, but now can't find it. Someone tell me if there is one.
The best: "OA: What's next for Tobias Bengelsdorf?
TAB: I don't know. Maybe something more lucrative than writing for no money. I might take up industrial espionage. Do you know any secrets?"

Conde Nast is a big magazine company that is slowly falling to oblivion, because they don't grasp the Internet:
At NY Mag.
Actually, I take that back. They are doing some things right. The idea that personalities can still drive magazines is viable. Look at HuffPo, I mean she named it after herself.

Required Van Reading from So Many Dynamos:
At Buzzgrinder.
The best: The Dirt – Motley Crue
The first half is interesting, when they are at their most vile and disgusting. Then it gets boring when they get old and rich. Still, definitely worth reading.

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