Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Lit Randomness: more Blood Meridian, Appetite for Self-Destruction, more Dave Eggers and waves of book blogs


There will be more Blood Meridian: At AV Club.

There's the report of a Blood Meridian soundtrack, now here's AV Club picking it up for a discussion amongst their writers. The road to The Road is a long, but worthy one.

Interv. w/ Steve Knopper, Appetite for Self-Destruction: At Pitchfork.

All the crazy conspiracies and connections that has led to music industry's crisis.

Blogs that discuss books in a serious and engaging way continue to divide; mimicking the industry and product they hope to promote: At Conversational Reading.
Dude, what wave is Deckfight? We talk about books and music. Maybe we're a blogazine. Maybe we're a maga-blog. If they're first wave and they're second wave, we officially declare to have skipped the third wave and are now on the fourth wave. Whatever that is.

Interview w/ Dave Eggers on his new non-fiction book, Zeitoun about a Muslim family in Hurricane Katrina: At Rumpus. (h/t HTML Giant).
Didn't know this book existed, but because of my love of Eggers and my personal history of NOLA and Katrina, I am.........(at a loss for words).

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