Monday, April 26, 2010

mp3: Everyone Everywhere "Music Work Paper Work"

mp3: Everyone Everywhere "Music Work Paper Work"

Yeah, yeah, my turn on the Everyone Everywhere Blog Tour. 10 blogs, 10 tracks.

I agreed to do the tour before I even heard Everyone Everywhere's new release--perhaps risky on my part or blind faith, but no matter--because mark this down:
this album will be on my end of the year list.

Think Braid, The Promise Ring, Piebald with no gimmicks.

Then try a non sequitur like this from "Music Work Paper Work":
"Look in the mirror/try to raise just one eyebrow/it's pretty weird/makes your head feel like it isn't yours..."
What the...? Yeah, and there's more where that came from.

This is track #6, so find the other tracks from the other blogs here. And check out The Album Project for tomorrow's track. These will be up until May 4, and then PunkNews will be streaming the album.

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