Monday, February 1, 2010

Lit Randomness: Salinger (of course), designer David Pearson, Shteyngart, Michael Muhammad Knight & more

JD Salinger Double
Why a publisher let him go (w/ George Plimpton): At The Paris Review (h/t Maud Newton)

Walking in Holden Caulfield's shoes:
At NY Times

The takedown of Literary Manboys: At Gawker (h/t HTML Giant)

Gary Shteyngart talks Russia: At Jewcy

Interv. w/ David Pearson, designer of the Penguin 'Great Ideas' series: At Print Mag. (h/t Yewknee)

Shya Scanlon on Literary Hustling
: At WordHustler
(got this from somebody, forgot who...)

Islamic punk rocker & world traveler & oh yeah, author, Michael Muhammad Knight
: At NY Times.

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