Tuesday, February 9, 2010

review: Paper The Operator Goodbye God

Paper The Operator

Goodbye God

Viper Bite Records, 2010

Paper The Operator: "The Pendulum"

Raleigh's Paper The Operator is a beast of fun awesomeness. Goodbye God captures what Jimmy Eat World, Weezer and Nada Surf do best with an understated, humble style.
Whatever Jon Sebastian and his crew touch on this record comes out zany, spunky and pure fun. There's the snappy 60s pop beat on "I Get Around" and "Chemistry Set," programmed beats on "The Pendulum" and 90s modern rock on "Buddy Baby 2." Each of those are distinctive, but they all work together, man do they work.

Paper The Operator is strongest in its confessional tracks such as the intro and lead "Please Proceed" and the heartfelt vote of confidence in "Lefty Lucy." Both are ballads in the mold of their modern rock-power pop but neither becomes contrived, just totally believable.

The pace of the album is very quick, with a few tracks under two minutes. Sebastian has created a formidable album with Goodbye God and has found a recipe that works. Since Paper The Operator is in Raleigh, I hope they hook up with I Was Totally Destroying It for a few show dates; their blend of modern-pop would make an awesome show. I've listened to Goodbye God constantly for over a month and there's no doubt I'll also be listening to it at the end of the year.

Looks like some previous downloads are available off the MySpace page, so hit that up too. And book some more shows, please.

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