Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lit Randomness: Book ads, Gentrified Lit, Ben Tanzer & more

Not just NY novels now, but Brooklyn novels. All writing is local right? At N+1 (h/t Vol1Brooklyn)

Ben Tanzer is awesome. About to read his book. I love Chicago writers right now: At Faster Times.

Adam Langer is awesome. I'm reading his book Crossing California right now. More Chicago: At PaperCuts (h/t Vol1Brooklyn)

NaNoWriMo sounds like something Mork would say. People actually do this? At LitDrift.

Book ads were the first print ads: At Jacket Copy (h/t Maud Newton Twitter)

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  1. Yo Deckfight, thanks for the shout-out, it's quite nice really to be thought of awesome. That said, if you wouldn't mind sharing this sentiment with my wife and kids it would definitely help my standing at home considerably.


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