Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lit Randomness: the vook, dan chaon, vol 1 brklyn, megan abbott, & don't call books trash

The vook (video-book hybrids). Sounds like a wookie: At Salon.

Dan Chaon was kind-of sort-of inspired by LOST (which is a good thing, in my book): At Bookslut.

Sometimes the way that the plot began to fit together in LOST, and the way that structurally they used flashbacks and flash forwards was really intriguing to me. I think I found that really useful as an inspiration in the writing of this book. I guess because there’s a lot of Hitchcock in the book, I guess part of me felt like I was writing a kind of Hitchcock movie. That stuff has a very big part in my imagination, as does horror, really.

Vol. 1 Brooklyn is putting out books. This looks cool and they have a bunch coming up: At Vol. 1 Brooklyn.

Interv. w/ Megan Abbott, who writes some hard-boiled stuff: At Brooklyn Rail.

Don't irrationally hate: From Nathan Bransford

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