Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Five: The 5 Best Things Blake Butler Has Read Recently

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Scorch Atlas (destroyed) by Blake Butler from featherproof books on Vimeo.

First came across Blake Butler just because I saw his name on a lot of cool interviews with Bookslut (I think). That eventually led me to HTML Giant of which is completely awesome (like you all know). Now Blake has a fly book out, Scorch Atlas. Which leads us to this point: The 5 Best Things Blake Butler Has Read Recently (submitted in early October).

5. Dennis Cooper's Period, which I first read buying based on the cover alone when I was like 23 and remember feeling when I read it like I opened something black and horrible and sublime and I could not stop thinking about it though at that time I did not in many ways with that mind understand, and in rereading now last week years later I just laid staring sometimes at the sentences and the structure of their make, and haunted again by that black house in those pages, typing some long sections out to feel them come out of my fingers and connect the time between the me now and the me then, and all the ugly light between us, and some other things I can not name.

4. The first half of Conquest of the Useless by Werner Herzog, which is his diaries from the making of his film Fitzcarraldo, and is just chock full of nasty rotting blood beauty and some of the most eloquent descriptions of life in the middle of squalor and nowhere I have seen. Were he to record himself reading the text for an audio book I would listen to it every night.

3. The transcribed lyrics to Mariah Carey's popular song "Obsession," which I have excerpted and discussed in a book I am writing now about insomnia and, well, obsession. Mariah Carey's an idiot, but whoever transcribed those lyrics the way they did is spending good time on our earth.

2. A postcard from David Markson saying he does not remember writing me the first time in response to my mentioning him in a magazine, and that he is very old now and rereading the work of Thomas Hardy and he hopes there will be time.

1. A letter from the IRS saying that my account had been reviewed and I no longer owe them $46,453, and instead now they owe me a refund of $299. I am going to frame this item and then set set it on fire and warm my face until all the hair on me is only smell.

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