Friday, August 7, 2009

mp3's: Nathan Oliver, The Happy Hollows, Sunset Rubdown, Old Wives' Tale

Nathan Oliver: "Icicles For Fingers"
Nathan Oliver: "State Lines Pt. 3"

I've been sitting on Nathan Oliver's new release Cloud Animals for almost two months now. I've thought about it, I've wanted to listen to it, and I just really haven't. Sometimes these things take some time to percolate. But the Raleigh-based band draws on some of the most positive influences from the Triangle, including members of North Elementary and The Rosebuds. A/nd plus it's out on local label Pox World Empire. Everything is doubly excellent. With Nathan Oliver, you get somewhere between experimental folk and indie pop. The PR people liken it to Elliott Smith and The Pixies. And they're mostly right.

Happy Hollows: "Monster Room"

Old Wives' Tale: "15Amphetamine"

Old Wives' Tale: "Royal Flesh"

Sunset Rubdown: "Idiot Heart"

Latin For Truth: "88"

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