Monday, August 24, 2009

Lit Randomness: Shard writing w/ John Bennett, the essential Charles Manson reading list, killed book jackets & more

Interv. w/ John Bennett, author of Tire Grabbers: At Word Riot.

I've become something of an Attila the Hun. I ransack genre. Although a novel can still slap me into line, somewhat. Back in the mid-90s something transpired inside me that was the result of the accumulation of a lifetime of the environment and upbringing you mentioned above, a melting down, a fusion, and the writing began coming out of me in a lava flow which continues to this day. I call this Shard writing.
The essential Charles Manson reading list: At Bookforum.

Interv. w/ Stephanie Johnson, One of These Things Is Not Like the Others: At HTMLGiant.

Killed book jackets & covers: At Print (h/t Vol. 1 Brooklyn)

You're a Good Man, Gregor Brown. Parody comics w/ R. Sikoryak: At Book Bench.

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