Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Anchor & Braille album release today @ The End, Nashville

Stephen Christian has always been kind of a secret hero of mine. He was in a punk band when I was in high school in Florida. His band SAGOH 24/7 (turned into Anberlin) would play weekend shows with bands like Squad 5-0 and Atomsmashers Named Suzie.

While I haven't always been the biggest Anberlin fan, it's been kind of cool to see from afar how they have developed musically, while also refining and investigating their Christian beliefs.

Though I've only heard the MySpace songs, Christian's side project Anchor & Braille seems like a great jump. On the debut,
Felt, influence from Copeland's Aaron Marsh is definitely....uh, felt. The songs so far are quiet and gentle, driven by soft melodies with densely layered audio effects, on par with Keane. I'm also surprised at the depth and range of Stephen's voice, he's really improved that over the years.

His album release party is Tues., Aug. 4th at The End in Nashville with another date scheduled at The Mercury Lounge in New York City on Aug. 11.

Vid for "Like Steps in a Dance" after the jump...

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