Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lit Randomness: Rick Moody, Target, Stephen Elliott, Comics & the web

Rick Moody, author of a bunch of stuff, talks about being a father and his new book: At Identity Theory.
The best:
But I will admit that this new book, mostly written a couple of years ago, feels very emotionally antique to me right now. Sometimes that just means that you are done, you know, which I am, very nearly. But in this case it could also mean that I have changed a little bit. I don't think I'm going to be all sentimental now, just because there's a little baby around, but maybe I am going to be more direct, less inclined to waste time. Since I have less time to waste.

It doesn't matter if the book sucks, Target will make it a bestseller. Wait, that's cynical: At NY Times.

Making sense of the Internet through comics: At PopMatters.
The best:
Rather than destroying human connections and face-to-face meetings, Craigslist missed connections demonstrate the internet’s ability to connect the otherwise unconnectable. This seems to fly in the face of many technophobes’ concern that internet will become a great alienating force that makes traditional human contact obsolete.

Stephen Elliott's Lending Library: At The Nervous Breakdown. Here's my take on The Adderall Diaries.

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