Monday, July 20, 2009

LIt Randomness: O'Rourke, Junot Diaz, Books Napsterized & more

Heavy on the insight today.

This P.J. O'Rourke thing was entertaining. No matter your politics, he's a clever writer: At AV Club.

Seems like this Oscar Wao thing has legs. Not so sure about that Kitteridge mess. Interv. w/ Junot Diaz: At Guernica (h/t The Rumpus).

Jack Shafer is probably my favorite critic today. Hopefully book publishers won't screw up like music execs, but they probably will: At Slate.

The Revenge of Print: At The Brooklyn Rail (h/t HTML Giant)
The best:
There is also the obvious conclusion that the book business was never intended to function on the present bloated scale and that editors have been merely masquerading like their left coast entertainment industry counterparts.
The symbols are stupid, but I was kind of waiting for a list like this, I'll be honest. The top PoMo (stupid about post-mod?) fiction books. Interesting adds--Percival Everett's new one, The Scarlett Letter, Hamlet and Absalom! Absalom!: At JacketCopy (h/t The Millions).

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