Monday, July 6, 2009

Lit Randomness: Brian Evenson, Joey Comeau, Matt Bell, James Hannaham

Sure, blogs have changed everything. Just like anything has changed everything: At Salon.

A Double--
Interview w/ Brian Evenson, author of the new
Fugue State: At Bookslut.
The best:

I read a lot and tend to think more and more as time goes on that anything is fair game. I also think that the genre distinctions we have are only useful as long as they're not considered proscriptive: too many people use genre divisions as a way of dismissing not only a book but a whole category of books.
Interv. w/ Joey Comeau, author of Overqualified: At Bookslut
Overqualified is a book made up of fictional job cover letters--a format I'm pretty excited to look into.
The best:

Morley Callaghan's a weird example for writing being fun, but he was the first real example I had of a writer just writing. He didn't try to make the writing pretty, or turn it into poetry. He just said things. His short stories just blew me away. They would end with these lines that killed you. And, unlike with Raymond Carver, you knew exactly why they killed you. It was plain as day.

Interv. w/ Matthew Bell, author of many things and whose new lit project is called The Collagist: At Orange Alert.

Questions w/ James Hannaham: At Papercuts.

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