Tuesday, June 23, 2009

We Own This Town: Mean Tambourines, Cactus's & Bad Cop @ Nashville's Mercy Lounge

For the uninitiated, Nashville's We Own This Town is one of the premier radio shows/blogs for finding new independent music in the Music City and the southeast. They've started putting up local shows at Nashville's Mercy Lounge on Tuesday nights for free (that would be uh, nothing) and this one is sure to be a rip-roarin' rockin' time:

Mean Tambourines embodies that 80's synth-dance-indie pop thing really well, but with more polish. Their new EP
War drops this July.

Joining the mayhem is Cactus's, and misplaced apostrophes aside, Cactus's wears their thrash math rock moniker well, like a couple of loose bears fighting over a calculator. Raw without being excruciating, the trio of Jru, Sam and Asher are soon bringing their dirty rock to the Northeast. Also on the bill is Nashville's Bad Cop. Vid for Cactus's is below--

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