Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lit Randomness: Colum McCann, Stephen King primer, Harold Bloom & Blood Meridian

All of these links are a little old. That's okay. Newness does not always mean randomness.

Interv. w/ Colum McCann about his new book, Let The Great World Spin: At The Rumpus.

Interv. w/ Kristina Marie Darling, author of Night Music: At Orange Alert.
The best: "I gravitate toward mundane experiences, such as working a part-time job at Target, yo-yo dieting, and dating self-styled tortured artists"

A Double from the AV Club

The oft-passed around interview w/ critic Harold Bloom about Blood Meridian:
At AV Club (h/t a bunch of other places)
The best: "The violence is the book. The Judge is the book, and the Judge is, short of Moby Dick, the most monstrous apparition in all of American literature. The Judge is violence incarnate. The Judge stands for incessant warfare for its own sake."

The Stephen King Primer: At AV Club.
Their suggestion--start w/ "Survivor Type" from Skeleton Crew

Mainstream media finds out about book trade sites: At the SF Chron (h/t to Bookslut)

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