Monday, June 29, 2009

Lit Randomness: Junot Diaz's fav. writer, Aleksander Hemon, more Joe Meno, more Nic Brown

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Joshua Mohr of The Rumpus has a sit-down w/ Joe Meno:
At the Rumpus.
(One of) the best:
Rumpus: I just heard David Sedaris is reading across town at the same time as we are. Pre-sold 700 tickets, or something viciously ridiculous like that. Do you think anyone will come to our reading?
Junot Diaz's fav. NY writer: Also at The Rumpus.

20 q's w/ Aleksander Hemon, author of Love and Obstacle:
At PopMatters.
The best:
After years of being able to sleep in any situation: on the street, at work, in school etc., I managed to sleep through pain. That’s pretty impressive, if I may say so myself.
Conversation b/w Matthew Vollmer (Future Missionaries of America) and Nic Brown (Floodmarkers): At The Millions.
Hey, here's our interview w/ Nic Brown!

Conversational Reading complicates the New Yorker's point about low wages hurting memoirs:
At Convesational Reading.

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