Monday, June 15, 2009

lit randomness: designing David Foster Wallace, Wasik's 'viral culture', kevin sampsell & crime noir

Lit Randomness! Mondays, Wednesdays, here we go:

Designing David Foster Wallace: At Hipster Book Club
The best: "Designing Oblivion was easy: I picked a classic font that fit a lot of words on the page but was still easy to read. I wanted to emphasize the density of the thoughts, but still allow the reader the opportunity to linger on the page."

Bill Wasik's "viral culture": At Salon.
The best: "[A nanostory] is a short-lived media phenomenon that is driven by the sheer quantity and speed of the contemporary conversation. So many hours of cable news to fill, there are so many blogs that need refreshing. Now there's Twitter and more. And so we seize upon these tiny little things and try to elevate them into sensations, but of course they can't bear up under the weight of it."
I just nano-storied you, Bill! Can you handle the weight?

Interv. w/ Wells Tower: At Stop Smiling.

Kevin Sampsell on editing a crime noir anthology, Portland Noir: At Powell's (h/t HTML Giant)
The best: "I decided early on that this was going to be a loose kind of noir. It didn't necessarily need detectives and fast-talking con men. I said I simply wanted the stories to be dark and steeped in a sense of place and that there should be some crime or Portlandish mischief."

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