Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Lit Randomness: A graphic novel about media (?), John Sayles, Pasha Malla & FreeDarko

Lit randomness is something we try to do every Mon and Wed. Except this past Mon.

Media person does a graphic novel about media: From NY Observer.
Brooke Gladstone of NPR's On the Media writes a graphic novel about the influence of media along with artist Josh Neufeld (who has a great upcoming book about Hurricane Katrina. See that here).

Former National Book Award nominee can't sell his book--the story of John Sayles: From LA Times' Jacket Copy.

Review of Hella Nation:
At Pop Matters.

Pasha Malla and kids in fiction:
At Maud Newton.
Malla's latest is
The Withdrawal Method and here's a segue to the next item--Malla recently wrote this at FreeDarko...

Free Darko gets another book deal:
At Freedarko.
Don't usually post "news," but that's awesome for those guys. And for full disclosure, I've written there before. But I would still love them anyway, promise.

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