Monday, May 4, 2009

Lit Randomness: Andrei Codrescu, Seth Godin and negative book review

As I try to do every Mon and Wed, here's Lit Randomness. Send links over to deckfight [at]

Interv. w/ Andrei Codrescu: At 3 A.M.
I was introduced and then inundated with Codrescu while living in NOLA...but he still always offers a quality perspective. His new book is The Posthuman Dada Guide.

The best: "You should live in at least seven countries for a minimum of one year in each before you are seventeen, and must speak and write at least five languages in order to be a half-decent poet."--Codrescu

Seth Godin on what authors should do to promote themselves: From Godin's blog (h/t booksquare).
The best: "Far better to obsess about a little subset of the market--that subset that you have permission to talk with, that subset where you have credibility, and most important, that subset where people just can't live without your book."--Seth Godin

Why book critics won't stop: At the WSJ. (h/t book bench)

Finally downloaded Ben Tanzer's new book from CCLAP. It's been out a couple of months, but will review it soon.

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