Thursday, June 10, 2010

review: Mouse Fire -- Big Emotion

Mouse Fire
Big Emotion
Lujo Records, 2010

mp3: Mouse Fire -- "True I May Have Lost It"

Where does Mouse Fire exist?

Do they exist in the soft malleable, danceable part of your heart, the place where you feel guilty for liking a Top 40 song, a pop song? That place where you are just starting to understand that everyone, even you, even them, even your heroes, wants love, recognition, a Top 40 song, a pop song, a truly memorable song that has feet & minds & hearts twirling, wandering, wondering?

Or Florida, in most instances. But I don't usually find them in the usual Florida circles (maybe I'm not looking hard enough).

First disc--
Wooden Teeth on Lujo Records. A favorite record label.

Then almost nothing. Never really heard of them touring (i'm sure they did).
never heard people talking about them (i'm sure they were).
not sure what was going on.

What was going on was a massive writing project that has turned out to be Big Emotion. But, where does Mouse Fire exist?

Not on any cool indie lists, for the most part, somehow outside of that mainstream punk rock realm. No Vans or Osiris.

But here's music like Cursive, No Knife, Minus the Bear possibly.

"Desert Woman" explains it slowly.

"Don't Mess With A Texan" bleeds goodness.

"True I May Have Lost It" exudes smoothness.

"The Comedy Of" plays what the kids love.

"But It's Not What You Think," follows the rules by the end.

Not so much on "Silly Boy From Tampa Bay" and "Tic Toc."

You are where Mouse Fire exists (I'm sure now).

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