Thursday, May 20, 2010

mp3: This Piano Plays Itself -- "Who We Were"

mp3: This Piano Plays Itself -- "Who We Were"

Atlanta's This Piano Plays Itself is busting out an album release party tomorrow night for their new release, As The House.

It's at
The Drunken Unicorn with
Nomen Novum and Untied States. Still taking this one in, but other people are saying stuff like "Mogwai" and "Explosions in The Sky" and "Slint."

Not sure what I'm going to say yet.
The full track list for "As The House" is after the jump...

1. As The House...
2. Who We Were
3. Where We Lived
4. What Happened
5. How We Left
6. When We Got There
7. Why We Stayed
8. ...It Fills With Light

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