Monday, May 31, 2010

mp3: Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band -- "Leaving Trails" & more

mp3: Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band -- "Leaving Trails"

Seems deeper, maybe more fuzzed, maybe less playful than the previous release, though no big changes. Still a good song. Their s/t was one of my faves in 2009, this time around I hope they get the recognition they deserve. Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band's new album,
Where The Messengers Meet, is out in August.

mp3: Sunglasses -- "Whiplash"
Really like this band from GA. Get another mp3 "Stand Fast" here.

mp3: Woodsman -- "When The Morning Comes"

mp3: The New Loud -- "Wrapped in Plastic"
mp3: CAW! CAW! -- “Sons of Sons of Saviors”
mp3: Banquets -- "Eleanor, I Need A Garden!"
mp3: Bellflur -- "Insect Politics"

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