Friday, April 2, 2010

mp3: Mouse Fire "Don't Mess With A Texan" and album details...

mp3: "Don't Mess With A Texan"

Lakeland's Mouse Fire has set a date for their new album.

Big Emotion
will hit June 8th courtesy of the ever awesome Lujo Records and it's about time. Three years since Wooden Teeth is just way too long.

Lead singer Joey Bruce left and lead guitarist Shane Schuch is now in that gap so I guess that's what they call a "transition."

They've already got me with "Don't Mess With A Texan" and "Silly Boy From Tampa Bay."

The "more dance, less prance" chants at the shows really paid off (I JUST MADE THAT UP!)

Album tracks and tour dates after the jump...(hopefully they add some more south dates...)

Tracklisting for Big Emotion:

1. Desert Woman
2. Don't Mess With A Texan
3. Half a World Away
4. True I May Have Lost It
5. A Silly Boy From Tampa Bay
6. The Comedy Of...

7. All My Friends
8. Tic Toc
9. But It's Not What You Think
10. The One That Goes Away

Mouse Fire Tour Dates:

04/01/10 Salt Lake City, UT@ Club Vegas
04/02/10 Sacramento, CA@ Old Ironsides
04/03/10 Oakland, CA@ Mama Buzz Cafe
04/05/10 San Diego, CA@ Tin Can Ale House
04/06/10 San Diego, CA@ X1FM
04/07/10 Scottsdale, AZ@ Rouge
04/08/10 Las Vegas, NV@ Dive Bar
04/09/10 Tuscon, AZ@ The Hagart
04/10/10 Las Cruces, NM@ Equinox
04/13/10 Austin, TX@ Plush
04/14/10 San Antonio, TX@ GIG On The Strip
04/16/10 Houston, TX@ Notsuoh
04/17/10 Lafayette, LA@ Pilots Pub
04/22/10 Pensacola, FL@ The Handelbar
04/28/10 Columbia, SC@ New Brooklyn Tavern
05/03/10 Brooklyn, NY@ Glasslands
05/29/10 Austin, NY@ The Ghost Room
06/03/10 Las Cruces, NM@ Equinox

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