Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Discover America tour dates & tracks for new album

Lady of Fortune- by Chris Staples at Bottle Tree from chris staples on Vimeo.

Anyone who knows anything knows that I've always been a huge Chris Staples fan. Okay, really a Twothirtyeight fan. He was from Florida, I was from Florida and I'm pretty sure my friend Robbie or maybe my friend Jason first pressed the Twothirtyeight disc in my hand, back in the Takehold Records / college days.

To me, Staples and Twothirtyeight was a study in minimalism--their first album had this punky beat with the off-signature non-pop emo seeping in, and then it just delved further and further into stripped down versions of itself--and pretty soon Staples stood alone.

His moniker for the last 7 years or so has been Discover America; a project I haven't been as much into...but I'm looking forward to this new album after that same friend Robbie dropped me a 7" in the mail. My resistance probably has nothing to do with the music itself, just that well, Chris Staples has and always will be about two steps ahead in my music development.

So the new one is called Future Paths from Lujo Records out April 27th. Lujo has quite a lineup filled with familiar faces from the past--including The Dark Romantics and Cool Hand Luke.

In addition, there's a big whizz-bang tour Discover America tour to go along with the album.

Tour dates and track listing after the jump...

Future Paths tracklisting:

1. Force of a Proper Wind
2. 1979
3. Devil in the Woods
4. When You Were Young
5. Sawdust In My Clothes
6. Interlude
7. A Lock of Samson's Hair
8. Time Is A Bird
9. Brighton Beach
10. Out of the Valley

Discover America live:

03/24/10 Lubbock, TX @ House Show
03/25/10 Amarillo, TX @ The 806
03/26/10 Dallas, TX @ The Door
03/27/10 Oklahoma City, OK @ The Conservatory
03/29/10 Nashville, TN @ Trailer Show
03/30/10 Birmingham, AL @ The Bottle Tree
04/01/10 Tuscaloosa, AL @ House Show
04/02/10 Pensacola, FL @ Sluggo's
04/03/10 Cocoa Beach, FL @ House Show
04/05/10 Atlanta, GA @ House Show
04/06/10 Charleston, SC @ House Show
04/08/10 Lynchburg, VA @ Fort Diamond
04/10/10 Newark, DE @ House Show
04/12/10 Brooklyn, NY @ Pete's Candy Store
04/16/10 Cleveland, OH @ House Show
05/13/10 Seattle, WA @ Blue Moon
06/11/10 Seattle, WA @ Q Cafe


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