Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Five: 5 Favorite Florida Bands

Did this once before with North Carolina bands, but Florida is deep and wide. So all of the bands have the qualifier of "right now." There is no blood from surfers, no people that I'm against! and all of this is subject to change if Further Seems Forever gets back together in the next 24 hours...

5) Have Gun Will Travel

Part St. Pete bar band, part Americana innovators, Have Gun Will Travel's Postcards From A Friendly City was recently adopted by Suburban Home Records. No excuse not to find these guys.

4) Only Thieves

<a href="">Only Thieves - Does This Bus Stop at 8th Avenue? by Tallahassee Compilation</a&gt

Greetings From Levy Park, the Only Thieves rocking debut is so good, but I originally thought they were from Jersey. Guess it was the album title. Have no fear, they rock it right in Tallahassee, snap!

3) Mouse Fire

Mouse Fire: "This Is How I throw My Slider"

I got Wooden Teeth when someone accidentally gave it to me. I soon realized how much Lujo Records and I see eye to eye. Word is, new album from Lakeland's Mouse Fire in May.

2) Look Mexico

Look Mexico: "You're Not Afraid of The Dark Are You?"

This kind of messes up my list, because according to this article most of the band is moving to Texas next week. Surprisingly, their old stuff is lighter and more mature than their new stuff, which is more straight ahead punkish-rock. Soon, indie rock kids at Florida State will say..."Look Mexico was so chill. We used to hang out with them all the time before they were on the radio..." Their new album comes out in March. See their tour dates here.

1) John Ralston

John Ralston: "Fragile"

I just discovered John Ralston in the last few months, but I knew John Ralston. A Legends of Rodeo song popped up on iTunes and I was like, "dang they are so legendary...what happened to them? To where have they RECESSed?"

Soon, I found the John Ralston MySpace page and hooked myself up with the album
Sorry Vampire. It came out a few years ago, and he's had an EP since then...but expect more becaue my THEORY is that he's heating up again.

Honorable Mention: Holiday Shores, Greenland is Melting


  1. Feel really guilty that HGWT is the only band i listen to regularly on here (being from Gainesville).

    it's hard since so many bands break up so quickly/move/etc. from a college town...

    1. Hot Water Music -- cheating a little but they still play 4-5 shows a year. One of my top 5 bands ever.

    2. Will Quinlain & The Diviners (or any current project by Quinlan) -- a west florida institution, Quinlan has a other-worldly voice.

    3. Have Gun Will Travel -- a little down on their 2nd record but still a fantastic live show.

    4. Young Livers -- great Gainesville punk rock.

    5. Lars Din -- our modern equivalent to Phil Ochs. Criminally underrated.

    HM: Fiya (GNV hardcore, super nice folks), Holopaw, Greenland Is Melting, Diet Cokeheads, No More

  2. thanx for those recommendations---have heard young livers, need to listen to them more

  3. oh yeah, hot water of course, but the emphasis on "right now" & i havent listened to them in awhile


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