Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lit Randomness: Stories that involve a grocery store, Kobe Bryant and paper swans

Ten Notes on Photographing Sean by Sean Lovelace:
This is all about photos, but I like this line:
"The tone and mood of the entire grocery store was one of commerce, cynical and oppressive. Roll after roll of wasted film. Posing with the meats, the mounds of fruits and vegetables, the garish rows of soda."

Fan Fiction in the voice of Kobe Bryant by Karl Taro Greenfield:
At Hobart. Not sure why NBA fiction is on the rise, but it is, oh it is.

By the Gleam of Her Teeth, She Will Light the Path Before Her by Tina May Hall
: At The Collagist.

More basketball fiction. Sherman Alexie's poetic face-off about the All-Star Game: At FreeDarko.


  1. Basketball fiction is def on the rise. There's also a guy over at PoundingthRock that's written like 15 "chapters" that feature Kobe as Dracula

  2. can you send me the link to that?


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