Thursday, January 14, 2010

Swing South: American Aquarium

American Aquarium: "City Lights"

Just really getting into Raleigh's American Aquarium. Got some Lucero stuff going on, for sure, but American Aquarium is a bit breezier, a tad poppier without sucking at it. Don't mind the organ either, really. Also, BJ Barham might be the coolest name in the history of cool alt-country names.

They seem to be on tour all the time and this time looks just as intense. Going to the Show in Wilmington with Annuals and Lonnie Walker. What a blast.

Dances For The Lonely is their album. Try and get it. Tour dates through Feb. after the jump...

Jan 14 2010 9:00P
The Soapbox Laundro-Lounge w/ The Annuals Wilmington, North Carolina

Jan 15 2010 11:00P
Home Team BBQ (West Ashley) Charleston, South Carolina

Jan 16 2010 11:00P
The Jinx Savannah, Georgia

Jan 17 2010 9:00P
Jack Rabbits Jacksonville, Florida

Jan 18 2010 9:00P
Will’s Pub Orlando, Florida

Jan 19 2010 9:00P
New World Brewery Tampa, Florida

Jan 20 2010 9:00P
Backstage Lounge Gainesville, Florida

Jan 21 2010 9:00P
DaVinci’s Deland, Florida

Jan 22 2010 9:00P
The Hummingbird Macon, Georgia

Jan 23 2010 10:00P
Mellow Mushroom Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Jan 24 2010 9:00P
Smith’s Olde Bar Atlanta, Georgia

Jan 25 2010 10:00P
Barley’s Taproom Knoxville, Tennessee

Jan 26 2010 10:00P
The Basement Nashville, Tennessee

Jan 27 2010 10:00P
Tremont Tavern Chattanooga, Tennessee

Jan 28 2010 8:00P
Crossroads w/ Drive By Truckers Huntsville, Alabama

Jan 29 2010 9:00P
The Pour House Raleigh, North Carolina

Jan 30 2010 9:00P
Evening Muse Charlotte, North Carolina

Jan 31 2010 9:00P
New Brookland Tavern Columbia, South Carolina

Feb 1 2010 10:00P
Speakeasy Birmingham, Alabama

Feb 2 2010 9:00P
Woody’s Tupelo, Mississippi

Feb 3 2010 9:00P
Hi Tone Memphis, Tennessee

Feb 4 2010 9:00P
Ole Tavern on George Street Jackson, Mississippi

Feb 5 2010 10:00P
Mugshots Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Feb 6 2010 9:00P
Old Town Tavern Sheffield, Alabama

Feb 11 2010 9:00P
The Garage Winston Salem, North Carolina

Feb 12 2010 9:00P
Pantana Bob’s w/ Corey Smith Greenville, North Carolina

Feb 13 2010 9:00P
The National w/ Corey Smith Richmond, Virginia

Feb 17 2010 9:00P
Local 506 Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Feb 18 2010 7:00P
Pisgah Brewery Black Mountain, North Carolina

Feb 19 2010 8:00P
Martin’s Roanoke, Virginia

Feb 20 2010 10:00P
The Green Lantern Lexington, Kentucky

Feb 22 2010 10:00P
The Rumba Cafe Columbus, Ohio

Feb 24 2010 9:00P
Mojo’s Columbia, Missouri

Feb 25 2010 9:30P
The Riot Room Kansas City, Missouri

Feb 26 2010 9:00P
White Water Tavern Little Rock, Arkansas

Feb 27 2010 9:00P
George’s Majestic Fayetteville, Arkansas

Feb 28 2010 9:00P
Club Next Texarkana, Arkansas

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  1. i may be way off hear, but they kind of sound like a happier version of the wallflowers


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