Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lit Randomness: Stories by xTx, John Grey, Bruce Pratt, HV Whitehead

Read an article over at The Big Other (new fav. site, yeah!) and it confirmed an idea I've wanted to pursue for awhile, i.e. the need to link to more actual stories & poems, not just lit news. So Wednesdays will be for actually reading fiction & poems & interesting stories, not just talking about them.

Let me know if you've got a hot story to read (wait...I'm not starting a journal here, send me links to a fictional story/poem published somewhere else...).

"The Strain of Collusion" by xTx:
At Smokelong Weekly.
MRSA is so sick!

"The Couch in Ben's Bachelor Pad" by John Grey:
At This Zine Will Change Your Life.

"A Porcupine in Vermont" by Bruce Pratt:
At Staccato Fiction.
Yes, porcupines!

"Three Days" by HV Whitehead:
At Word Riot.
Lady Gaga's "Poker Face"? For realz?


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