Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Swing South: Unwed Sailor

Always liked Johnathon Ford. Big fan of Roadside Monument. Remember seeing Unwed Sailor in Nashville, maybe with Saxon Shore, and instead of falling asleep and hating Unwed Sailor for sounding nothing like Roadside Monument, I fell in love with their engaging, not repetitive melody lines. I recognized the bass as a real instrument, with real capability, not background filler.

Haven't followed Unwed Sailor through all of their albums, but it sounds like the newest, Little Wars, is similar to the earlier incarnations.

Now with all that said, let's all declare what we really want to say: ROADSIDE MONUMENT DIED TOO SOON!

Unwed Sailor is on tour with Ford's other band, Native Lights. Southern dates & another vid after the jump...

Dec 3 2009
The AllWays Lounge w/ Native Lights New Orleans, Louisiana

Dec 4 2009
The Spanish Moon w/Native Lights Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Dec 5 2009
The Bottletree w/Native Lights Birmingham, Alabama

Dec 6 2009
The Fly Bar w/Native Lights Tampa, Florida

Dec 7 2009
Propaganda w/Native Lights Lake Worth, Florida

Dec 8 2009
The Engine Room w/Native Lights Tallahassee, Florida

Dec 9 2009
Redlight Redlight w/Native Lights Orlando, Florida

Dec 10 2009
Caledonia Lounge w/Native Lights Athens, Georgia

Dec 11 2009
Drunken Unicorn w/Native Lights Atlanta, Georgia

Dec 12 2009
The End w/Native Lights Nashville, Tennessee

Dec 13 2009
Vino’s w/ Native Lights Little Rock, Arkansas

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