Monday, December 21, 2009

Lit Randomness: What Line is your fav. novel?, Kevin Killian, Max Decharne & more

Not really a 'headliner' here, but these are enjoyable:

Interv. w/ Max Décharné: At 3AM.
I'd never heard of this guy, but now I'm glad I have. He wrote a dictionary of hipster slang entitled, "Straight from the fridge, dad." That's enough of a selling point.

Interv. w/ Kevin Killian: At L Magazine.

The Watch List with Caleb Ross:
At Orange Alert.

What Line Could Represent Your Favorite Novel?: At Maud Newton.

Big Other is doing a lot "Best of 2009" lists. Here's one from Justin Sirois, in praise of his grill:
At Big Other.

BTW--Had never heard of Big Other until the other day, so thanks to these guys for pointing me over there.

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