Monday, November 9, 2009

Troika Festival Wrap-Up Links

Future Islands on Friday night of Troika. Photo by Jeremy from Secret Carrboro Ninja Patrol

Didn't make it to
Troika in Durham, NC this year. I'm a loser. If I was a real media outlet, I would've "dispatched" somebody. Too bad. Luckily, a few fine folks were there:

The Secret Carrboro Ninja Patrol has a breakdown of many of the sets, along with pics, pics, including Lonnie Walker and The Love Language. And don't forget the Beard Patrol, either.

Wallow in the goodness here (Day 1), here (Day 2) and here (Day 3).

Mann's World comes through with a video offering of Rat Jackson, The Loners, and The Love Language with some advice for the fest organizers.

Daily Tar Heel lays it out with Day 3 love.

In retrospect, here are the Scan's picks and the Daily Tar Heel's picks.

If you find some more reviews/pics from other sources, let me know in the comments and I'll add them.

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