Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Swing South: Times New Viking

Times New Viking: "Move To California"

Love the amped-up lo-fi. Love Times New Viking. From their MySpace "Sounds Like" section:
Breath in: snuff a line speed, a half hour jump on your cheap amplifiers, salad yet once a half hour with you yet cheaper guitar against the wall. Write eleven popliedjes, lay the emphasis on cryptic and forget everything your song teacher you ever learned has. Seek your neighbor girl on and tell her that your musics will make...
Seriously, what else can I say?
Hitting up a slew of southern dates...more after the jump.

Nov. 10 Black Owl Trading Company Florence, AL
Nov. 11 Bottletree Birmingham, AL
Nov. 12 Star Bar Atlanta
Nov. 13 Local 506 Chapel Hill
Nov. 14 Sonar Baltimore


  1. another nice find...also, from the video, i may have developed a crush on the keyboard player

  2. although, i admit deckfight may not be the appropriate place to announce my teenage fatuations


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