Thursday, November 19, 2009

Swing South: Chuck Ragan and The Revival Tour

Chuck Ragan: "Rotterdam"

I always liked Hot Water Music. Not really sure about Chuck Ragan as a songwriter himself and his Americana-binge. Seems like he's one of the guys that kind of set this "alt-country is the new punk rock" thing in motion. So here's credit where credit is due. I like punk. I like alt-country. I probably would like Chuck Ragan. His new record, Gold Country popped in September.

He already had a bunch of southern shows, but The Revival Tour has a little steam left. In addition to Ragan, there is Jim Ward of Sparta and Sleepercar, and Jon Snodgrass and Chad Price of Drag The River among others.

Remaining ATL & Florida dates after the jump...

Nov 19 2009
The Masquarade Hell Stage- The Revival Tour 2009 Atlanta, Georgia

Nov 20 2009
Common Grounds- The Revival Tour 2009 Gainesville, Florida

Nov 21 2009
State Theatre- The Revival Tour 2009 St. Petersburg, Florida

Nov 22 2009
The Social- Last Show of The U.S. Revival Tour 2009 Orlando, Florida

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