Monday, November 16, 2009

Lit Randomness: On poets leaving NYC, Generation A, Brockmeier, Await Your Reply review

Poets! Dare to leave NYC at the risk of your social lives! Daniel Nester explains: At The Morning News.

My complaint, if there is one, is not that New York Poets are rude. It is that New York Poets are too nice, that they don’t tell the truth to each other enough. In New York, you see, it also helps to have someone else say you are a poet. Beneath the surface politesse and modesty of the New York Poet runs an undercurrent of exclusion you only sense years later. To be coddled in New York City as a poet is to be killed slowly.

Review of Coupland's Generation A...does that title sound familiar?: At The AV Club.

Questions with Kevin Brockmeier: At Papercuts.

Not only am I jealous of Dan Chaon, I'm jealous of this review as well: At Three Guys One Book.

Now I'm interested in reading this. Q&A with Michelle Huneven, author of Blame:At The Elegant Variation.

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  1. thoroughly enjoyed the morning news article on nyc poets. personally, the article just made me continue to think that there has never been an art form with so much potential that does so little in terms of reaching the people who need poetry most, and i don't know who's to blame: the poets or the readers?


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